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  • Copy of file provided to candidate
  • Complete briefing on government interview
  • Ongoing relations with embassies and consulates
  • Regular contacts with government representatives to follow up on each case
  • Information regarding education, employment, housing in Canada, etc.

Canada Services gives you the possibility to fill an immigration request right now.


Immigrate to CANADA

Independent immigrants are selected for the knowledge, skills and experience needed in Canada's labour market.

Our services are tailored to the specific needs and qualifications of each client. We conduct a preliminary assessment to determine your chances of obtaining permanent resident status before signing a contract with you. We do not accept files from candidates unless they have a fairly good chance of obtaining a permanent resident visa. We only accept files when we believe candidates will receive a permanent resident visa at the end of the procedure.

Our services include the following steps:

  • Preliminary assessment of the candidate and if applicable his/her spouse.
  • All information required at each stage of the immigration process
  • Draft and review of all government forms for the main applicant and dependents
  • List of supporting documents to be submitted
  • Submitting the file to the immigration office